By : Zak Romanoff


In business and sales, you have to get UP for Game Day. Game Day is when you present your products. When you envision something happening in your mind and then you see it happen in front of your eyes, it’s a beautiful thing.

It takes vision to give people what they want before they ask for it and persistence to continue to insist that people NEED to see these products, even after they’ve told you ” no, I’m busy” countless times.  One of the best feelings is when these same people thank you for making sure they saw the items – that’s when you know it was all worth it.

The universe has a funny way of putting the right people in our lives for a reason, but it’s what we do when we meet these people that determines what happens next.
Focus on your craft and keep building it everyday, without expecting to hit it big overnight.  Be a person that people want to work with. The right people will see what you are doing and request a seat on your bus.



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