Our Team


Richard Romanoff

Founder, CEO

Richard Romanoff is the Founder and CEO of OMNI Food Sales. His family has been in the food industry for four generations.

OMNI Food Sales was established in 1993 and currently represents over $300 million in sales annually.

Richard won the “Crain’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 2003, was a contributing guest author in “Trump: The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received” published in 2004, and received the “Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award” in 2005.

OMNI Food Sales is the proud sponsor of many charitable organizations, including City Harvest and Word of Life International (providing emergency food assistance to combat hunger). Richard personally serves as a Hyde Leadership Charter School Board Member, a Trustee and Board Member of New York Presbyterian’s Allen Hospital, as well as a Board Member and Vice President of the Tri-State Law Enforcement Foundation’s Honorary Deputy Commissioners.

Zak Romanoff


Zak was exposed to the food industry from early on and grew up with a strong understanding of how it operates. From picking orders in the refrigerated warehouse, to making deliveries as a truck driver’s assistant, to gathering with customers at events- Zak understands the priorities of principals and customers. Over many years, Zak observed firsthand from his father and other key mentors, the importance of relationships. Zak graduated from the University of Connecticut and received his Master’s Degree from Manhattanville College. After college, he worked his way up learning all the angles of OMNI- Retail, Customer Service, and Account Management. Zak now runs the day to day operations of OMNI. Zak’s favorite part about OMNI is being in the center of the action. Outside of the office Zak enjoys basketball and Spartan races.