What is the definition of a Food Broker Brand Advocate?

The role of a traditional food broker has changed over the years. The word “broker” doesn’t accurately describe the role that OMNI Food Sales plays in the manufacturer, distributor, retailer relationship.

June 2023

Zak Romanoff, President of OMNI Food Sales, unveiled his groundbreaking book, “Death of a Broker: How a Brand Advocate was Born” (The Three Tomatoes Publishing, July 2023), a captivating account of his journey from re-imagining his food brokerage business to becoming a disruptor in the dynamic marketing and sales landscape of the billion-dollar food distribution industry.

With a unique blend of innovation, relationship-building, and a deep-rooted commitment to core values, Zak showcases his transformation from a boss to a true leader who harnesses the power of love and dedication to achieve extraordinary success. Buy a copy of his book here.

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Zak Romanoff  is interviewed by Valerie Smaldone, Bagels & Broadway podcaster.

Zak Romanoff speaks on the panel at the 2019 Marcum Food & Beverage Summit, discussing the latest industry trends. The event brings food and beverage executives together for a night of networking and information exchange. For 2019, the event was held on September 10th at Convene Conference Center in Manhattan, NY. Following the panel, Zak answers additional questions from attendees one-on-one.
Zak Romanoff speaks to a group of executives from British food companies at an Educative Seminar hosted by ALTIOS International and Santander Bank. The event was held at Santander’s USA Headquarters in Manhattan, NY on June 21, 2019. After his speech, Zak answered questions from the group and also conducted one-on-one sessions with several companies.
OMNI Food Sales President Zak Romanoff and the NJFPA panel discuss Managing Consumer Trends and Emerging Markets during Covid-19. New Jersey Food Council President Linda Doherty leads the discussion. Zak answers questions regarding supermarkets, shopping habits, distribution, and the government’s response during the roller coaster ride of Covid-19 and the 2020 Quarantine.

Zak Romanoff visits his Alma Mater, the University of Connecticut to deliver a Masters Class in Branding & Marketing to undergrads and alumni. Zak details his personal experiences and mentors during his time in Storrs, which had a significant impact on him. He also explains his motivation for marketing himself and OMNI Food Sales as “Brand Advocates” and the exciting journey that has transpired over the past several years to where he is today.

POI, in partnership with Saint Joseph’s University, offers an educational program leading to a certificate as a Certified Collaborative Marketer (CCM)™, designed to develop the skills of current and future leaders in food and CPG industries. Zak teaches the class, discussing the role and value of Brand Advocates like OMNI Food Sales, especially in the climate of today’s highly competitive industry.
Zak gives a speech to 50 of the largest Food Exporters from Korea, highlighting the 5 main benefits of hiring a Brand Advocate like OMNI Food Sales.
ROI NJ’s inaugural Food & Beverage Innovation Summit was held on October 16, 2019 at Birchwood Manor in Whippany, NJ. The event provided engaging discussions concerning hot topics in the food & beverage industry, including an address by keynote speaker Stew Leonard Jr. As a member of the Food & Technology panel, Zak provides his insights and opinions on the impacts of technology in the food industry.

OMNI Food Sales President Zak Romanoff discusses Branding, Marketing & Sales at the NJFPA the 2021 NJFPA Annual Conference, presented by M&T Bank, with a  focus on three key themes — supply chain, sustainability, and triumph in the face of COVID-19. Zak was invited to showcase how his team used all of the above to do their best in sales, marketing and branding during the pandemic.

Zak Romanoff, disruptor in the food distribution, marketing, and sales world, invites his UConn buddy, Joe Cunningham, to discuss Zak’s career since college and how it morphed into the motivational clothing line that Zak introduced today. The Brand Advocate clothing line isn’t just for the Omni Team to wear. Zak presents his inspiration, as he navigates today’s business environment and brings it to life for everyone else to relish.


OMNI Food Sales is a New York based Food Brand Advocate, working with food brands to increase their sales and launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market. The Metro NY NJ Supermarket landscape is comprised of 25+ retailers and over 1300 stores requiring a customized approach for each retailer in each neighborhood.



In addition to providing full coverage in the Metro NY/NJ Market, OMNI Food Sales also provides full coverage in the New England Market- calling on all top retailers in/around the Boston area.

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OMNI is a food sales and marketing agency servicing food manufacturers and supermarket retailers. We provide value with our highly skilled, diverse, and dynamic team of professionals.

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OMNI works with companies of all sizes. Family owned, regional, and national leaders. We work with every major supermarket and distributor in the Metro NY market.