About Us

Today’s supermarket customers are Aspirational Рthey enjoy use of video and advanced media. If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is priceless. They are Social, keeping up with trends among their peers through online communities. They are Skeptical, careful to make sure they get what they desire. They are Digital and Mobile, accessing information on the go. They want to try New Products before buying them. They read Nutritional Ingredient Labels. They want to do what is best for their Family and the Environment. They want to be Fiscally Responsible. OMNI understands these needs and helps manufacturers connect better with customers.

We service all departments across the supermarket: Meat, Deli, Dairy, Frozen, Grocery, Seafood, and Food Service. Team OMNI is a culmination of key personnel with individual talents that have been hand-picked. We cover client needs like projections, seasonal supply change, new product launches, competitive reviews, and inventory management to name a few.

Our purpose is to work behind the scenes to facilitate the sale. OMNI has built a reputation of being relied upon as a credible source of information from both principals and customers.

We provide customized product and selling solutions/strategies for each of our Principals which begins at the initial presentation of products at the corporate level and continues through until their presence is well-established at store level.

We build and establish working relationships in the ever evolving market. Communication with buyers at every account is less than two clicks away.

Our word is our bond, and our reputation has been built over time and tested through working experiences with our partners.

Having evolved with the market over our 25 years of existence/operations, Omni is recognized as one of the leaders in the marketplace.