By Zak Romanoff


It’s hard not to notice Cardi B these days. Her hit – single “Bodak Yellow” broke all kinds of records in 2017, she’s had a few more chart-toppers since then, and last week her debut rap album “Invasion of Privacy” became certified – Gold in its 1st week (500,000 copies sold).  Prepare to see Cardi B continue to break records. Over this past weekend some of the world’s biggest stars – Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Diddy – all found the time not only to LISTEN to her album, but also to POST about it, all sharing their positive reactions to “Invasion of Privacy”.  


Why is everyone throwing their support behind Cardi B?

All celebrities want to be relevant, and Cardi B is the hottest thing out right now, but there is more to this story…

People can relate to Cardi B. She’s lived the opposite of a sheltered life. Google her to find out more…

She is truly authentic, unapologetic, and vulnerable. Cardi B grew up on the tough streets of the Bronx…also where OMNI is located!

She grew a following of fans while on VH1’s TV show “Love & Hip Hop” where DJ’s took advantage of her and didn’t take her seriously. But who’s laughing now?


I haven’t seen this kind of buzz around an artist since 50 Cent came up fifteen years ago in 2003.

50 Cent was starving. Literally. After hearing 50 Cent make mention of “Vitamin Water” in some of his songs, Glaceau (parent company of Vitamin Water) offered him a minority ownership stake in the company in exchange for his marketing of the brand. This created a perfect synergy.  The drinks were tasty and unique and 50 Cent went on an unprecedented run to the top of pop culture, which included exceptional musical success –16 million albums sold, a movie about his life, a clothing line, a sponsorship with Reebok, a liquor deal, a book deal, and more.  In 2007 Glaceau sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion…50 Cent netted $50 – $100 million.


Food brands looking to find a voice that reaches today’s YOUTH, as well as multi-million dollar taste makers, should get involved with Cardi B. She has ATTENTION that few brands or endorsers have. Cardi B is like the Super Bowl – everyone is watching.  In the “24 hour news cycle” world we live in today, with a lot of noise and brands struggling to make a name for themselves, get Cardi B and you will get EYEBALLS. I am not an expert with Q Rating, but I would bet there is nobody with a faster-growing Q Rating than Cardi B right now. She has reached 20 million Instagram followers after releasing “Bodak Yellow” less than a year ago…that’s crazy! Rihanna has been around since 2008 – over 10 years ago – and has 61 million followers.


Make no mistake about it. Multiple food brands are going to offer Cardi B an ownership/marketing deal. And depending on the quality of that product, that brand is going to receive a TON of visibility and potentially make MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of dollars….


Who’s it going to be? Someone is already calling her right now.





Agree? Disagree? Send me an e-mail, I would love to hear your thoughts…


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