By Zak Romanoff


  • “They are lazy” 
  • “They don’t care about the business”
  • “They are a necessary evil” 

These are all things said about food brokers. It makes my stomach turn when I hear this. The truth is, a few bad ones give us all a bad name. My heart goes out to the companies who receive bad information, misinformation, or flat our lies from food brokers. All I can do is shake my head and think how they took these brands for granted.

  • “Someone told me it would be a good idea to give Distributor X a life-time exclusive on our product”
  • “They told us to promote the same way at every account”
  • “They told us product sampling is a waste”

I always thought, how can OMNI separate itself from those companies that give brokers a bad name?

That’s why, when talking with brands, I don’t refer to OMNI as broker.  A broker is what you get when you buy or sell a home – a singular transaction.  OMNI is a Brand Advocate –  a ‪24/7‬ partner.  We guide brands to launch and grow their product lines day in and day out, year over year – keeping an eye on the competition and recommending ways to maintain growth curves.


OMNI Food Sales = #BrandAdvocate


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OMNI Food Sales is a New York Food Brand Advocate sales and marketing company… Working with food brands to increase their sales/ launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market…

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