By : Zak Romanoff


Metro New York is the most difficult market to sell in the entire country because there are hundreds of independently owned stores.  Even the big chains are independently owned and each of them manages every store’s plan-o-gram differently.

If you want to gain distribution here, you need to know the individual owners and key players. They each play a big part in deciding what stays on the shelf.

There is no account where you can walk in, smile, shake a hand, and get a distribution for 800 stores. It just does not exist here.

It takes a lot of energy to cover this market the right way. You better wake up in the morning and have your coffee, Wheaties, green tea, or whatever it is that get you jacked up, because you’re going to need it … happy selling!


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OMNI Food Sales is a New York Food Brand Advocate sales and marketing company… Working with food brands to increase their sales/ launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market…

Check out our short film about the market with the highest number of independently owned supermarkets in the country!

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