By Zak Romanoff


ATTENTION : PRACTICAL post here … NOT motivational/inspirational

Who lives in the real-life, pressure-filled “business bunkers”?

Who has to meet hard sales goals? Much respect to those who do.

Are you looking to launch your food brand in the Metro New York market?

Do you have existing sales that are flat or on the decline?

Do you have a broker that you only hear from when his commission check is due?

Here is a clip from a recent team meeting we had.   Every so often, we clear out the schedule and huddle up for the better part of a day. We close the door. Ignore the phones. Debate the major issues impacting our business. Everybody gets a chance with the mic. People have different viewpoints.   Most things we agree on. Some things we do not. We eat together. We poke fun at each other. These meetings help get the insights you would not normally have gotten if you sent an email or setup a conference call.

A wise leader listens to each member of his tribe before making the final call.

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