By Zak Romanoff


I represent the 5th generation of Romanoff’s in the food industry.  OMNI was founded 20+ years ago by my father. This business is literally in my DNA.

Family businesses are able to make strategic long term investments and decisions, guided by consistent leadership.  Mastering skills that got OMNI to where it is now and combining that with new skills for today’s game.

A brand advocate needs to anticipate both the brands’ and the customers’ needs before being asked.

Who represents you in NY? Do they understand why your product line is important? Do they really care or are they just pushing paper?

What’s in their DNA?


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OMNI Food Sales is a New York Food Brand Advocate sales and marketing company… Working with food brands to increase their sales/ launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market…

Check out our short film about the market with the highest number of independently owned supermarkets in the country!

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