Zak Romanoff speaks on the panel at the 2019 Marcum Food & Beverage Summit, discussing the latest industry trends.  The event brings food and beverage executives together for a night of networking and information exchange.  For 2019, the event was held on September 10th at Convene Conference Center in Manhattan, NY.  Following the panel, Zak answers additional questions from attendees one-on-one.



Zak Romanoff is a disruptor in the food distribution, marketing, and sales world. Zak has removed the term Food Broker from his vocabulary, rejuvenating a once stale industry. This Brand Advocate shares his knowledge of Business, Entrepreneurship, and the billion dollar Food Industry.
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OMNI Food Sales is a New York based Food Brand Advocate, working with food brands to increase their sales and launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market.
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