By : Zak Romanoff


A brand advocate is hired to bring a brand opportunities to increase sales.

One thing about OMNI Food Sales – we are resourceful. If there is an opportunity for brand growth, we communicate it to our partners. I smile after seeing that Team OMNI has facilitated a customer’s request, handled the logistics, and followed through with the execution seamlessly. A customer asks for a demo to enhance their shopper’s in-store experience and our brand partner agrees to support it.

OMNI does what we always do – show up for our brand partner and sell out the store. Same formula over and over again.  But this one day, unexpectedly, owners of one of the largest ShopRite groups stop by to check out the demo. And they love it. Do the right thing and it will be noticed.

OMNI = Helping our brands make connections with customers.



OMNI Food Sales is a New York Food Brand Advocate sales and marketing company… Working with food brands to increase their sales/ launch new items at traditional grocery retailers in the Metro New York market…

Check out our short film about the market with the highest number of independently owned supermarkets in the country!

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