By : Zak Romanoff

May 7, 2018


When I was 15 and saving money to buy my first car, one of my first jobs was as a “locker room attendant” at Old Oaks Country Club.

My tasks included cleaning members’ golf shoes, shining members’ dress shoes, and picking up dirty towels from around the locker room.

I met some great people like Martin during my time at Old Oaks, and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. Today, over 15 years since working in the locker room, I’m back at Old Oaks – this time as part of the outing, dressing in the locker room that I used to keep clean as a kid. Part of me feels like things have come “full circle” – but I know I’m just getting started – there is A LOT more to come. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to be able to count this blessing and others.

Always remember where you started on your journey (no matter how humble).

Admire the progress and continue your momentum forward toward the next set of goals.



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