By Zak Romanoff


Well it’s December and everyone is talking about the end of the year, but can we hold on for 1 minute please?

I love running in Tough Mudder and Spartan races. They get my adrenaline pumping and I love the team aspect of finishing together. Most races are close to 12 miles long. When our team gets to the 11 mile mark, we don’t slow down and walk because we are under a mile away from the finish line.

Selling in Metro NY is very similar for me.

Just making the rounds today to a mid-sized supermarket buying office. Some brand representatives don’t bother visiting these accounts – only 30 stores, not worth it for them. Not me. Every point of distribution at every store is a new opportunity to make an impression with customers. Impressions with customers are all equal.

You never know who can become a big supporter of your brand by seeing it somewhere.

After gaining multiple new item opportunities for each of Omni’s principals, the buyer asked me if I could help him find a certain product – he didn’t know who the representative for that brand was. He said the rep for that brand has never come to see him. I’m not surprised.  Now this rep’s missed opportunity has become my opportunity. Thanks!!

Finish strong or someone else will finish strong for you.  #sales #retailfood #supermarket #brandadvocate


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