By : Zak Romanoff


One of my first mentors was Jimmy Aiello. Jimmy was drafted and served in the Vietnam war.  When he returned, he began working as a meat cutter in a NY supermarket. Over time, Jimmy worked his way up to become the Meat Director for over 100 supermarkets. Jimmy left Sloan’s/Red Apple/Gristedes to become the VP of Sales at #omnifoodsales and served here for over 15 years. I was fortunate to work with him closely for 4 years. We went on dozens of calls together and I quickly realized I never knew anybody who had such a well-built and consistent reputation for being a gentleman. Everywhere we went, people lit up when they saw Jimmy and were quick to strike up a conversation with him. Jimmy was always happy to see people even if he wasn’t having the best day. 

There was no secret to his ways – he treated everybody with the same level of respect – from the receptionist, to VP’s of Fortune 500 companies. His word was his bond. And he was transparent about who he was – his family, and what he liked to do in his free time. People loved Jimmy.

One of his famous lines was “I ain’t nothing but a dumb butcher“, which of course he was anything but.
Jimmy lost the ultimate battle with leukemia this year and will be dearly missed. Jimmy taught me many lessons – one of the first was about the fundamentals of:

  1. Being on time
  2. Being well dressed 
  3. And getting back to people right away

Because regardless of how much money or experience you have, anybody can do those 3 things.



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